Morocco and the Magic Key: Huda Al

Ok, weird post title, but hang in there. Have you ever been out shooting with a DSLR and raised the camera to get a shot of a stranger, only to get the stink eye? Or, you approach someone and ask for a shot and they flat out say no? This has happened to me a ton of times with modern Digital gear. But, I have noticed that I seem more approachable with my Land Camera or SX-70. Adults seem to have a connection or memory with instant film that takes them back to a carefree time. Kids are always fascinated by the images appearing before their eyes. This is the same experience that Huda Al had when in Morocco. Just proves, that no matter where you are, people love instant film.

From Huda:

I am an amateur photographer who likes to work mostly with street portrait. I’ve been taking photos since my early teens and have maintained a love for photography throughout my life. The gear i use for instant photography include a Polaroid land camera 250 with Fuji films which I got last March. I found it very easy to approach people using Polaroid cameras – for many people the cameras were familiar and nostalgic to them, and for others (young children mostly) they found the instant cameras to be fascinating. In Morocco I was warned of the difficulty of street photography there but using my Polaroid was like using a magic key: everyone was open to having their picture taken and excited to see the results. I wound up taking two pictures; one to give away and one to keep for myself. I love the framing of the Polaroid camera, and the fact that they only need natural light gives the pictures a lot of warmth in color. From now on my Polaroid is always with me when I travel. It’s my key for connecting with people.

Now for some images… All shot on a Polaroid Land Camera Model 250 and Fuji FP-100C film.

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