National Chocolate Day: The Last Bite of Chocolate (film)

Today is National Chocolate Day. To celebrate that, a group was created on Flickr for people to upload there favorite pictures taken with Polaroid Chocolate film. This film was Manufactured by by Polaroid and designed by Paul Giambarba. Paul was responsible for the iconic look of Polaroid from 1957 to 1977. Chocolate Film, known for it’s rich brown tones, is an ISO 80 speed pack film. It was designed to be used in Polaroid cameras and film backs that accept Type 100 film.

So today we celebrate this beautiful film. You can follow along with the group pool here on Snap It See It. If you have some shots to share, please join the group and upload on Flickr. And just for fun, here is a Decemberists video with LOTS of chocolate film…Taken by Autumn de Wilde for the deluxe box set edition of “The King Is Dead.”

And now for the fun, the Flickr group pool! This will update as people add to the pool.


  1. Andrew Bartram says:

    Super stuff….really enjoyed taking part….cant wait fir sepia and blue days


  1. […] Day, where we celebrate the amazing polaroid chocolate film! Check out the entire group flickr feed here. Also be sure to visit this weeks artist spotlight featuring Jeremias Santochi and assignment post […]

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