Neon Oblivion by Piero Böttger


Today we feature a photo series by photographer Piero Böttger. Piero tells us more about this set below. If you have a series of photos you’d like featured, please email us, We love featuring your work! Find more of Piero’s photography through the links listed here and enjoy this set!

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Few months ago I visited New York City for the first time. And it’s definitely my favorite city! From the moment I arrived, I felt I belonged there, I don’t know, Just had a feeling of “arriving home”.
During these days I waited many afternoons alongside the river for the sunset. The lights in the sky faded away while many others started to shine all over the city. 
After that, the New York nights began. I turned on my camera, got immersed on the colors of the streets, and captured these lights on polaroids!
Photos were made using Impossible Project Color Film and a Polaroid 600 camera.

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