New Impossible Color 2.0 Test Film


This isn’t a review per say as much as it is an update with what is going on with Impossible and where they are headed. Many received an email announcing a new test film that was being launched by Impossible. Many preordered, some wanted to but missed it and some skipped it. So, why is everyone flipping out about this test film, and what is to come of this?


Remember a time when we had to shield color film? Impossible knew they had to fix that and with R&D, they met our needs. Once again, our never ending needs have been quenched. Impossible has been busy developing a new opacification layer that is much thinner and developed 50% faster then the previous generation. Sharper images and improved stability. Plus, the image appears in two minutes, which is a huge development (pun intended) for us. We can now tell if a shot worked or didn’t sooner then before.

With our initial use we have noticed two things. To begin with, Impossible says the image will appear in 20-30 minutes. Yet we experienced much faster speeds. Within 15 minutes our images where developed. That speed is insane! This is what most people have been waiting for! Like, whoa, this is a huge deal! We are so pumped to have this new generation of film.


The second thing that we have noticed, is the film has a distinct vertical noise that appears more prominently in the shadows. We where warned by Impossible about this and understand that this is a test film. This is, an issue that will be addressed by Impossible and fixed. The final version of this film is still months away and requires more refinement before hitting stores. The fact that we have made such leaps is outstanding! Impossible deserves a huge hug and much love. We are well on our way to a new generation of amazing films. If you were the lucky enough to get in on some packs let us know in the comments what your experience has been. We would love to hear!


  1. Penny Felts says:

    I’m so happy with the progress. And, I love this film.

  2. Hey probably a silly question, but seeing as I’ve only started shooting instant this week and am busy doing my research, I thought id ask anyway.

    This article is from the 2nd of April 2014 and its now the 11th of July 2014, so is this the current film from them?


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