New Impossible Film | Round Frame

Impossible is currently at Photokina, held every two years, it is the platform where all the big camera manufacturers release new products. We have been closely watching to see what Impossible would do and if this was where they would unveil the first look at the long awaited Impossible Camera. We saw the tweet below go out with a non revealing image…

What we did see revealed is a new B&W frame, circle edition. It is a round image within the classic white frame. I am so curious as to what you guys think about this new edition. It was released as a special edition, but from what we have read, will be made into a permanent edition (see tweet below). It is already available on the their store, priced at regular TIP film price of $24.49 (there may be a typo on their website, unsure who is wrong). So less image for the same or higher price, hmmmmm… However, we definitely look forward to testing out this film! This film has an updated formulation and to see how difficult or easy it is to compose an image. This film does not have the new opacification layer that the test batch of B&W 2.0 film has, and we eagerly await to see all B&W films get it.

The new circle mask film from @Impossible_HQ is awesome. Triangle next, please! — j caldwell (@drjcaldwell) September 15, 2014


Below is the official press release of this new film along with test images, please let us know on social media what you guys think about this new film!


  1. To be honest, I was disappointed by this. It just seems gimicky. With all the recent changes I really had no idea what they might announce. Seems we’re going to have to wait longer for any info on the camera and now that Apple has released the new iPhone, well what of the InstantLab…

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