New Instant Camera | Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neoclassic

fujifilm-instax-mini-90-neo-classic-01We are big fans of Instax Mini film. Yet we feel it is underrated for many reasons.  Most users online, love the film but complain about the cameras having a toy like feel and appearance.  Well, the end is near for this underrated tool! Today Fuji announced a brand new camera! An instant camera reminiscent of the rangefinder era, with style and power! Fujifilm’s sales are growing, as reported by The Wall Street Journal Japan, and Fuji has decided to expand there Instax Mini line.

“The company eyes 25% growth to 2 million instant cameras in the year to March, and it expects to maintain at least 20% growth in the following year. Fujifilm hopes the new camera,… will capture fans abroad as well.” 

The specifications are incredible! The camera will feature a 60mm f12.7 lens. A macro mode without the need of an accessory, from 0.3m-∞. Shutter speeds of up to 10 seconds – 1/400, an exposure compensation feature, an LCD will be used for the film counter, shooting mode, and flash control. The new body will feature a rechargeable battery for up to 10 packs of film and a standard tripod mount. The cameras dimensions are 4.5 x 3.6 x 2.3 in. 

Probably one of the most exciting new features are the modes the camera can shoot in, Bulb and double exposure! I know,we are ecstatic too! The creative control we will now have is game changing for Instax Mini film. All this and a new look. We’re sure this camera is going to turn heads!

We are so excited for this new addition to the instant film community and also happy to see that Fujifilm is watching. They are not only seeing their profits rise, but they are listening to what we need. This is it, an Instax camera that is not basic. One that will promote the use of instant film and one that will give us the creative control we need. Thank you Fujifilm!

Release date is scheduled for September 20th, 2013 and will cost an estimated $210.If all of this is not enough to get you excited about this new addition to the family. Below are a few more images, Youtube commercial and official specifications from Fujifilm.

pic_02 pic_03

The NeoClassic Instax Mini 90 Official Website


  1. Someone should have grammar checked this article…

    • Thanks for the heads up! That post was published before a proofread. We do our best here but sometimes get excited with the publish button. Thanks for checking out the article.

  2. Is the body plastic or aluminum?

  3. Gizelle says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the rechargable battery to charge?

    • I have not timed it, but I will usually leave mine on the charger for about 2 hours. This seems to be long enough to get a charge that will last for about 10 packs of film.


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