New Instax Wide back for the Lomography Belair

It is as if  Lomography reads our tweets over at our Twitter account. One of the biggest things that people have talked about or wanted is an improvement for Instax Wide film. Now we have it. Lomography, in an epic plot twist, have announced a new instant film back for the Lomography Belair. A much needed improvement in the way we shoot Instax Wide and we think it will shake things up in a great way.



The biggest complaint about shooting Instax Wide is 1} the camera, an obese monster of a camera that is ridiculed when you pull it out, 2} the lack of control the Instax Wide cameras have, which leave much to be desired. The Belair definitely solves these two problems. Not only is Belair a good looking camera, the image produced by the lens and control it gives the user is stellar.

Lets go into what this new back can do! The Belair is an auto exposure camera, sadly, no change there, when it comes to manual control. The back is fully interchangeable with the normal Belair camera backs to allow you to switch back to shooting medium format film. Although from what we can tell, you can’t switch the back out mid pack of film because there is no film cover. The back is hand cranked in order to eject the image. Gives me an idea to maybe crank the image half way out and take another shot. Get two images in one. This back will finally, allow double exposing on Instax wide! Because the Belair is a 6×12 camera, that ratio will not cover the entire image area of the film. There will be two small black bars on the top and bottom of the image. Giving the images you take a signature. You will most definitely will know that you took that image with the Belair. Even more rad is the Belair’s bulb mode, for long exposures and light painting! Of course the camera has a hot shoe for flash attachments. For the more adventurous, add a Pocketwizard for some rad flash or studio photos.

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This new attachment really gets us excited to see what photographers will finally get to do with Instax Wide. The most underrated films of them all because of the Instax Wide 210 camera that leaves much to be desired. The Belair is famous for the sharp images it produces and we cant wait to see how that sharpness translates in instant images, one of the most exciting things of this new back. Below are some sample images from Lomography. We are so excited for this new accessory the instant film community gets to enjoy!

There is a tiny modification you have to make to your Belair camera to use this accessory and here is the link to the how to and the Belair Instant Back guide.


  1. This is NICE! The Belair has an f/8 lens which isn’t incredible fast but considering Instax is 800 speed film, that’s a little less than TWICE as fast as FP-100C on a standard f/3.5 lens. Now if only there was a way to attach this to a 180/195 to utilize the faster film. I’m sure it could be attached to a Mamiya Universal or Polaroid 600SE somehow as they’re already built for swappable backs. I feel like Instax could make Impossible obsolete if Fuji really embraced photographers who want manual control of their film. Instax is so much cheaper, reliable, and it’s a larger format!

  2. “Because the Belair is a 6×12 camera, that ratio will not cover the entire image area of the film.” — why ddo they not make an instax wide back for a camera who does!! this makes no sense, it’s not an improvement if it’s an incomplete picture…

  3. I said I was working on it…then someone replies with my website

    Yes, I finished it!

    Mamiya universal press or 600SE cameras, 100% full frame (unlike the Belair camera its meant for). So while lomo did wrong, I made it right.

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