New Lomography Instant Camera Kickstarter Launch


L0mography has a long history with Kickstarter, and launching new products via crowd funding. This time as they gear up to launch an official Instant camera. That is called the Lomo’Instant. Not the cleverest of names but what it lacks in cleverness it gains in features. When we compare it to the Insax Mini cameras sold by FujiFilm, it is a total winner. However, compare it to the Fujifilm NeoClassic 90 camera, and it is left in the dust. Basically, a camera better then the basic but less fantastic as the premium.

The camera will be sold between $120 – $150 retail. As of right now you can get this camera for $69 in white or black. That price will not be available for long as that will most likely be the first reward level to be filled up. Then the price jumps for $79 for the basic. Their reward levels have all kinds of stuff such as cooler looking cameras and different lenses. If history tells us anything. Lomography will get this project funded and quickly! They always have and most likely will this time, by offering a camera for a very popular film format. Instax Mini is not the most pro level or widest  film on the market, but that is not who it is marketed to. We wish someone would release a completely manual camera with manual focusing for Instax wide. If anything we see online tells us, it is that, a manual camera for Instax Wide would totally kill in the market. One can only dream.

This camera is loaded with Lomo classic features. Double exposure, easy to use, colored gels for the flash, long exposure and fisheye lens attachments. It is operated by 4 AAA batteries. Has an automatic flash that can be turned off. Tripod mount and cable release mount. The camera does have a +2/-2 exposure compensation setting and apertures of f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22, and f/32. However it looks like it doesn’t have a manual focusing feature but with the wide lens it can focus to 0.4 (m?), they didn’t specify the unit of measurement.

As well as having a successful history of their Kickstarter projects successfully funded. They have a long list of haters drinking heavy amounts of haterade. With people doubting why as a successful company, why rely on crowd funding to make new ventures happen. Others doubting the merits of their ventures or the quality of their projects and products. If history tells us anything is that this project will be funded and very quickly. At the time of posting this, May 27th 8:31 am Pacific time, the project stands at $46,535 of the $100,000 they need, and 402 backers. Estimated delivery for the camera is set for November 2014 along with lots of new criticism for a company pushing the love of instant film. We backed this project and will most definitively be reporting on the camera itself as soon as it arrives. #believeinfilm



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