News: Pdexpodures launches new Podcast

Normally, Mondays are reserved for our Artist Spotlight feature, but today we wanted to let you know of a new Podcast that is all about instant film.

The good people over at Pdexposures have launched The Instant Photo Show. Every other Tuesday you will be able to join host, Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Harrison, and Kat White as they’ll be discussing instant film, cameras, tips, and the future of instant photography.

Last weeks show was a great introduction to the Podcast and a great introduction to the genre. We have linked the first episode below (just click on the image), but please be sure to show your support by subscribing to the show on iTunes!

We are looking forward to seeing where this Podcast goes. It was so good to hear that other people were behind on their scanning and getting over winter funk. The discussion of Impossible Projects Gen 2.0 film was nice and the segment where each person went over a current item they have purchased was great. I’ve already added a few things to my wish list!

We hope everyone had a great weekend and that today is the start of an amazing week!

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