On A Boat: Chris Kale

A few weeks back, my son had Spring break from school. We decided to take a long weekend and explore a small part of the Caribbean aboard a Carnival cruise. When packing gear for the trip, I grabbed my SX-70 and two packs of Impossible film. On the ride from North Carolina to Florida, I was trying to think of a theme for a few of the shots. Boarding the boat, I still had not settled on any specific idea and decided to sleep on it.

I’m an early riser by nature, and being on a cruise didn’t change that. The first morning at sea, I woke up around 5:30 and decided to explore. I picked up the SX-70 and left the cabin, determined to find something of interest. As I walked the deck, void of other people on vacation, I watched the crew prepare the chairs by the pool for the hoards of people that would soon flood them. In the calm of the morning, my theme hit me and I had my shot.



I decided that each morning, I would grab a few shots while the boat was calm. I really enjoyed that time. One morning, our second day at sea, I came across a lady with the same idea as me. Up early, enjoying the time alone.



Here are a few of my other calm moments. Enjoy!








Next time you go on vacation, consider some alone time. Especially if you are in a location that can go from calm to crazy before your image develops.  And please consider sharing with us. We love traveling vicariously through other peoples images.

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