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Happy Monday, but better yet – Happy Polaroid Week!!!! That’s right, Spring 2015 Polaroid  Week is finally here! You can participate by uploading your photos to the ‘RoidWeek 2015 flickr group. You can read all of the group rules here, but simply put, any instant film photos that you haven’t yet shared on Flickr can be uploaded – 2 per day, Monday through Friday. We are so excited to see what you all share with us. Later this week, be sure to check out this week’s Featured Friday – as we will selecting some of our favorite ‘RoidWeek images! Also, check out the great giveaways (and all details) in the ‘RoidWeek 2015 flickr pool for your chance to win some great prizes. Follow Polaroid Week on Twitter for all the latest. So, happy shooting and happy ‘RoidWeek!




#InstantLabTips Live Twitter Chat Recap


For Polaroid Week, it’s possible that some of you may be getting ready to print out some images with the Instant Lab. Well, before you start, check out our recap below of the Twitter chat, last week with Patrick J. Clarke, author of “King of the Lab.” If you want to check it out in it’s entirety, check out #instantlabtips on Twitter, but below, some helpful tips and some Q&A’s that will get you started!

@patrickjclarke: We love filters on our digital pics, but I recommend trying no filters at first on the Instant Lab to get the hang of it…

@patrickjclarke: Are you Instant Lab shots coming out muted in color? Pump up the Saturation or Vibrance to get the most from the film

@patrickjclarke: Want to match how your SX70 shoots? Use a 40-50mm lens and shoot at f/2.8

@patrickjclarke: When trying a new film type, try an old image that worked great to see how the new film acts differently.

Q: @DefaultInfo:I always have trouble with my darker shots (there is very little contrast)! Should i customise the exposure time? !

A: @patrickjclarke: I do recommend using @snapseed to bring up the shadows & reduce contrast first instead of messing w/ exposure

Q: @thecultureofme: how do i get the bloody thing to always recognize the iphone 6? how far should it hang over the edge?

A: @patrickjclarke: I found the sweet spot is different for all phones, but I hang mine about an inch or so over.

Q: @yates_rl: Do you have any tips or recommendations for double/triple exposures with IP color film?

A: @patrickjclarke: The unfun answer is to do all of that in Photoshop…The fun answer is to 1/2 the exposure on double exposures, etc…You may have to [cut the exposure] more than half, but it’s a good starting point. 🙂

Exhibit News

In other news, our friend Cheyenne Morrison shared with us some exhibit information. You might all remember Cheyenne’s Instax Island photo features – two of his photos will be featured this month in Melbourne at the Polaroid Resurrection exhibit, hosted by FilmNeverDie, as part of ExPolaroid. Other artists include Samantha Sealy, Amanda Mason,  and Jake Bright. If you’re in the Melbourne, be sure to give all of these talented artists your support!  Exhibit details can be found below and please note that the exhibit has been extended until April 30th.

Space: Photonet Gallery

15a Railway Place

Fairfield, Melbourne

Victoria 3078


Date: 4th – 30th of April, 2015

Time: Mon to Sat 10am – 6pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm

Have a great week, friends!


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