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One day, on an Instant Film Facebook group, I announced I had received Impossible Project’s PX Scan Adapter . The response I received from photographers was overwhelming and included those I hold in high standard, which totally sold me on this product. Michael Ash of Ash Imagery, one of the masters of using Impossible film, was the first to comment. He not only told me how much he loves this scan adapter but he also told me the difference it made in his workflow for a couple of reasons.

On the surface, the scan adapter isn’t exactly rocket science. It is this gorgeous piece of black plastic with four frames and four sticky pads to hold (you guessed it) four photos. It is THAT simple. Why do you need this magical piece of plastic? Basically, it freed me from so much frustration. I mean, COUNTLESS hours of frustration. This adapter lets you scan four perfectly aligned photos. Okay I don’t think you heard me right, four perfectly ALIGNED images. If anyone is out on there reading this, you will instantly know what I mean. Aligning your photos is the most frustrating thing ever, loading it into Photoshop and so many clicks to crop it straight. Let me free you from a few clicks.


Is that all this thing does?

NOPE. Lets get geeky and technical for a hot minute. Put on your thinking caps and lets learn. Newton Rings. Yes those oil slick patterns you get on your images after scanning and you sit there and ask yourself, “When did I rub oodles of oil on my scanner?” Named after our favorite physicist, Isaac Newton. Sure he was the one we credited with countless laws of motion,  universal gravitation, oh how could we forget, removing the last doubts of our heliocentric model of the cosmos and our favorite apple indecent. Well anywhoozle, if Isaac Newton shot instant film which we, without a doubt, know he would love. After shooting said film he went to scan them to share with his scholarly scholar friends, he would face these dreaded rings. After all he was the first to study what they are and why they are caused. An interference pattern caused by reflective light bouncing between two surfaces. These two wonderful surfaces, one of them being the clear layer on top of your new instant photo, tiny little pockets of air form and they cause these irritating rainbow rings.

Left - No scan adapter | Right - PX Scan Adapter (NO NEWTON RINGS! PAAAARTY!)

Left – No scan adapter | Right – PX Scan Adapter (NO NEWTON RINGS! PAAAARTY!)

The adapter fixes these terrible rings. It works by slightly raising your images from the glass, not allowing the contact needed to form these air pockets. There are these wonderful slightly sticky pads that adhere your images. Impossible even includes a microfiber cloth to adhere your photos and wipe the imprints of your pretty little phalanges off the surface. So you scan your images and after, there are four holes cut in the adapter you use to remove your photos. There is no hiding the fact that there are different ways of scanning your images without newton rings. But none of them are this easy, and none of them let you scan the entire classic white frame, or say your wonderfully gold or special addition frames from Impossible. Lets also talk about you big hot shot photographers that sell reprints of your masterpieces and need those perfect high res scans. Scanning for online sharing has never been cleaner and easier.

Again I reference Michael Ash. He told me about something that not only changed my integral film workflow but my peel apart workflow as well. It so happens that our so beloved peel apart film, fp100c, fp3000b, 669, ID UV to name a few, also suffer the same problems. Pro tip from Michael himself, the back of peel apart photos are not so smooth, so sometimes adhering the photo to the sticky pads isn’t so easy. Easy fix, roll a piece of your favorite tape and that will help adhere your photos. Scan, share, repeat.


Left – No scan adapter | Right – PX Scan Adapter (NO NEWTON RINGS! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!)

I can’t tell you how this product has streamlined my instant photo scanning workflow. We and many more photographers talk about how under rated this accessory is. It will make your scanning so much easier and smoother. Anything to help smooth that process out, am I right?! We all complain about it. This will help keep your sanity without a doubt. Oh, so you tell me that you shoot gorgeous cinematic Spectra photos. No problem friend. Impossible has you covered  PZ Scan Adapter.

Any down sides or complaints other then saving me from loony bin? I have heard some complain about the sticky pads loosing there adherence factor because of dust. You’ll want to store the adapter in the original box to avoid dust. But say those dust bunnies haunt you scan adapter there is a solution. Easy fix, a little lukewarm water, some gentle exfoliation and left to dry . Returns these pads to maximum stickiness. With proper care these pads will last you thousands of scans, don’t you  fear there.

In the end we give Impossible Projects’s PX Scan Adapter a Snap It See It stamp of approval. Don’t take it from just us. If you know anyone that owns one, ask them what they think. Be warned for an earful of happiness and wonderfulness. If you have one of these plastic sheets of glory comment below with any tips on scanning!  Happy shooting and happy scanning!



  1. My biggest complaint is the price. It is a piece of plastic. It should not cost as much as it does. That is my ONLY complaint. Thank you for the write up!

    • Totally hear you on that one. I have shot at least +20 Impossible packs and countless peel apart packs. $30 to me is totally worth it to spead up scanning. Totally hear you though

  2. I absolutely love mine. One of the best products TIP puts out.

  3. Hi! Is it just my impression or the scans done without the adapter are WAY sharper than the ones obtained with the adapter?
    I’m looking at the panoramic wheel details and, to me, it looks like the adapter has somewhat reduced the sharpness of the image.
    Could it be because of the distance the adapter puts between the scanner surface and the polaroid?


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