Feature Post: Providence Polaroid Project

Good Wednesday morning! Today we feature a great project created by the folks at Standard Film, based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Standard Film is a creative outfit fostering analog experiences in a digital world.  Their aim is to create unique opportunities for people to participate in the creation of tangible photographs through the use of Polaroids and other vintage analog cameras.

Today’s feature is one of two projects we will be featuring by Standard Film – we’re excited to bring you much more from them in the future. This first project is the Providence Polaroid Project. Above, you can see a small feature on the project, but read on to learn more and check out the gallery for some great photos from the Providence Polaroid Project! Also, check out the links below to learn more about Standard Film.

 Project Website | Standard Film | Twitter

About the Providence Polaroid Project: The Providence Polaroid Project was a popup Polaroid Camera Shop and instant film gallery that operated for 4 weeks during the summer of 2014. The project offered free use of our extensive instant camera collection, with aim at celebrating the faces and places of Providence, RI while emphasizing the importance of human process, visual aesthetic and tangible results in today’s world of photography. In total, roughly 750 participants captured over 1,000 instant photographs and were invited back to our final gallery night where they could view the body of work in it’s completion and then remove their photos from our gallery walls and take them home.

Over 1,000 images were created for the Providence Polaroid Project, and with that, Providence became an Instant City. If  your interested in the project stopping by your  and turning it into an Instant City – you can contact them here.

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