Last Push: Impossible Camera Giveaway

Well, this is the last push for our camera giveaway. We have had a lot of great images submitted and with just 3 days left to submit, time is running out.


So, you want to know what you can win? Impossible has put together this great kit worth $150. An awesome camera and 2 fresh packs of film to create new Impossible images. This kit contains the classic White Rainbow SX-70 camera. Its a legend that produces amazing images. 2 packs of fresh new PX70 Color Protection film. A preinstalled Impossible frog tongue to make sure your images are perfectly shielded. Its an amazing prize for taking amazing images.

Here are the rules:  You must do one of the following:

  1. follow us Twitter
  2. like our facebook page
  3. or upload the above image to your Instagram feed and tag our page {@snapitseeit} and hashtag #snapitseeit.


If you feel so inclined to do all three, hey, we won’t stop you. Now that’s just the preliminary stuff; the real contest will be held on our Flickr group. Join the group and add your best images to the group pool. All images must be yours, contain no nudity and must be taken on instant film. You are allowed to submit more than one image, as the winner will be chosen purely by most impossible photo not chance.


We cant wait to see you’re amazing images.

Happy Snapping,

Chris, Francisco, Justin

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