‘RoidWeek 2016 Favorites

Happy Wednesday, all! This week, we’ll round up a few of our favorites from ‘RoidWeek! Honestly, I spent a few hours looking through the photos in the pool and there were so many amazing photos (I have a running note with over 100 favorites!).  If you haven’t stopped by the ‘RoidWeek2016 Flickr pool, we highly recommend you do so in your spare time. We’ve selected only few favorites today, and will have another set for our Featured Friday post this week, so stop by and check out Flickr when you get a chance! Thanks to everyone who keeps ‘RoidWeek going and to those of you that passionately participate!

imagePola Walk

imageMaija Karisma

imageMarcelo Yáñez


imageThe Gentleman Amateur

imageDaniel Guy

imageKathy Rankin

imageBrandon C. Long


imagelaura alice watt

imageLeanne Surfleet


imageIxchel Lara

imageHeather Polley


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