‘RoidWeek Favorites Part I

Well, unfortunately, ‘RoidWeek is over, but don’t worry, not only will it be back in October, this weekend we’ll be featuring some of our favorite photographs in a few blog posts. And starting next week follow PolaroidWeek and the #RoidWeekRecap tag over on Twitter. This week we saw some really amazing instant film photographs and art.  We looked at every single photo in the pool and with that we were transported to new places, felt waves of emotion, experienced all things magical, surreal and ethereal, beautiful, quiet and/or boisterous moments, diptychs, triptychs – we can go on, but instead we’ll start off with some of our favorites. We’ll break these posts into several parts throughout the weekend.

If you haven’t already, stop by the ‘RoidWeek 2015 flickr group and check out ALL of the awesome photos submitted throughout the week. Thanks to all of those participate and especially those who manage and moderate the pool and discussions over on flickr – this wouldn’t be possible without you!

Photos were grouped in no particular order, but please enjoy!

What were some of your favorites? Comment, Tweet or tag us on Instagram! More favorites to come…







Flora Lab, 2

Joann Edmonds


Tanja Deub

North bank


Lake Series

Rachel Baez

Type 55 Test 7

Nate Matos

Alison Chains

Alison Chains


Edie Sunday



•The fin•

Thomas Zamolo

laura alice watt

Laura Alice Watt


Brian Henry



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