‘RoidWeek Favorites Part III – Diptychs/Triptychs and more

We bring you yet another set of favorites today – a set full of great diptychs, triptychs and mosaics.  Yes, we contemplated doing just one post, but honestly, it was way too difficult to narrow it down to only 10-20 images from over 2,000 images in the pool! The fact is that everyone brought out their best this past week! Be sure to link to the photo to see them at their best. Enjoy!

Share your favorites with us, and remember to keep tabs on the PolaroidWeek Twitter for recap next week! Our final installment of favorites later today!



Matt Smith

Spirit of Jack

Andrew Bartram

Magical Ranunculus

Joep Gottemaker


ugly monday

Lisa Toboz

Lisa Toboz

Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason

wind in my hair and salt on my skin...

ina echternach

Maritza de la Vega

Maritza de la Vega

1 2 3 bunny


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