Roses by Kimunscripted

Sometimes all it takes is a song. Maybe a drive through an old stomping ground. Our bodies are amazing creations and I love how our senses can bring back memories of a forgotten time or a loved one. I love this set of images by Kimunscripted, but more than the images I love the story behind them.

“While shopping for new flowers for my garden, I walked past a section of tea roses. I love roses but in the short moment I took to smell them I was flooded with a memories of my Grandmother. I don’t remember my grandmother had roses at her home but the lotion she wore must have been rose scented. It was in that one moment of I knew I had to have these flowers at my house. Capturing the flowers on instant film was so I could have a visual reminder of my grandmother every day.”


Film: Impossible Project PX70 CP
Camera: original SX-70 with close up filter, hand held
light/dark dial turned 1/4-1/2 to dark
develops upside down at room temperature 68-70 degree F.
natural overcast light

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  1. I love these! That third photograph is my favorite. Such beautiful tones and I love that the water is about to drop of the petal. Wonderful as always, Kim!

  2. Beautiful story and beautiful photos! I love the shots of the roses being throughout various stages from new to wilting. Lots of emotion in these.

  3. Beautiful work Kim!!

  4. stunning, great tones , detail, simple with lots of feeling.

  5. really beautiful! love the story too!

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