Sarah Abramson: Strength, Vulnerability, & Inevitable Mortality

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Today we have a post from Sarah Abramson. She has been working on a series called Boobs and Bones for a short time and has shared some of the images with us. Make sure to check out her links to keep up with the project. Eventually these images will make there way into a coffee table book.

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From Sarah:

My name is Sarah and I am a 26 year old photographer who lives and works out of San Pedro.

I exclusively shoot with a SX-70 Polaroid camera and depending on time of day and location I’ll either use PX-70 Impossible Project color shade film or Polaroid 600.

My aim is to create something beautiful and complex and transport the viewer to an alternate world. I’m fascinated by life’s kaleidoscope of emotions, actions, feelings, and thoughts from the most basic to the most idealized. For the past three years, I have been working on a series called Boobs & Bones that will eventually be a coffee table Polaroid book. It explores the dynamic between strength, vulnerability, and our own inevitable mortality. I like to think of it as slightly austere yet enlivening. Since Snap It doesn’t permit nudity these are a few of the more “kosher” images from the Boobs & Bones series : )

I art every day. I live in a sea foam green house with a multitude of succulents ( they are the only plants I can keep alive for an extended amount of time). I have two loving kitties, two loving parents and the sweetest girlfriend a girl could ask for. I enjoy laughing more than crying and have a prodigious love for instant film.

“In our modern digital age, the polaroid is already becoming a relic of the past…Like a painting, a polaroid becomes an irreplaceable treasure and object of desire, as only one person may own the original.” – Andreas H. Bitesnich



Thanks again Sarah!

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  1. website:

  2. Interesting series! Love the mix of whimsy and death.

  3. Loved this concept and the execution was awesome too! Great work, Sarah!

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