Shayla and Leon by Jeremiah and Rachel

This weeks featured set of images comes to us from Jeremiah and Rachel Photography. Jeremiah had posted a shot from this set online and I knew we needed to see more. I’ll let Jeremiah tell us about the shoot and I encourage you to check out their links when you’re done here.

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Oh, and heads up, we will be doing an Artist spotlight on this amazing duo in a few weeks. So stay tuned for that!

“We did this shoot last week with a couple of amazing local musicians, Shayla and Leon. My wife Rachel and I mostly shoot weddings, but jump at any chance we have to push ourselves and shoot something different.

We shot most of the session on a Contax 645, with Kodak Portra, but I always try to shoot some polaroids when I have a chance. The film used was px70 color protection film, and I used a folding SX-70 SLR. The SX-70 was given to us as a wedding gift, and I carry carry it to every shoot we go to. Its my favorite camera, and at times I wish I could shoot everything on polaroids.

We did most of the shoot at our home, then went to Whitefish lake. It was really overcast light, and I kept them under my arm for the first 10 min to get the warm tones. I’ve found that if they aren’t kept warm in cold weather they won’t develop fully, and will have a green/blue underexposed hue to them”.



Here is a link to Shayla’s album on iTunes and here is a link to the blog post featuring all the images shot that day.


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  2. I love the water location shots, and the dreamy creamy warmth of the indoor portraits. Lovely work!

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