Siousca Photography | David Wadell | St. Peters Village, PA Engagement Session

For a long time we have dedicated Wednesdays to feature posts and today we have a treat. In Philly there is a this rad dude named Dave Wadell, who is super sweet and can take the most jaw dropping landscapes. He happens to be a film shooter that shoots weddings and creates magic. Oh also did I mention he is kinda a big deal on Instagram? You can check out his account here. Well, one day he photographed two gorgeous people and shot some instant film and nailed it. We asked him to chat a little more about the shoot and also share some images. They are super rad and shot on fp3000b. You can check out his blog here!

“This was an engagement session for two very good friends of mine.  We shot at St Peters Village…which is a quaint little town in Pa with a stream that flows through a bunch of large boulders.  All these shots were with the 180 on 3000B.  

As to why I shot instant film…since 3000B was discontinued I really stopped shooting the stuff for clients and have been using it almost exclusively for personal work.  I only have 25 or so boxes left and I’m finding it harder to bring myself to shoot it.  However, this particular couple have been friends of mine for many years and they are incredibly important people in my life so I wanted to give them something that was a bit unique and special…plus they are both pretty artistic people and love things that have a lot of character so I knew that they would truly appreciate the polaroids.”


  1. WOW!!!! Just checked out David’s web-site; he is insanely talented. Thank you for this feature.

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