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Happy Monday! We hope everyone had an amazing weekend shooting lots of instant film. We certainly did! Well, we wanted to update everyone on some news and a direct you to a very interesting blog post we found.

To start, as some of you saw via our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds, Last Thursday we were featured on one of our favorite blogs! Let The Kids Dress Themselves, did an interview with Chris about our beginnings, some of our features and our future goals. You have to check out the blog if you haven’t already. Its an amazing blog full of outstanding family photography and their new Technique Thursday has had some instant film related topics.  You can check out our interview here.


In the interview we hinted at a giveaway we will be announcing very soon. This is one you will not want to miss!

We also want to  thank everyone who has submitted to our weekly assignments. This week we have Macro as our assignment and the entries have been nothing short of amazing. You still have chance to submit for this weeks assignment. We are taking submissions through tonight for our Wednesday post. You can send your submissions to Read about future assignments and more general info here.

We wanted to share this great interview and video interview with a great instant photographer from the UK.  His name is Cyrus Mahboubian and was interviewed by a majestic disorder.

Cyrus Mahboubian is photographed on Impossible film by majestic disorder.

Cyrus Mahboubian is photographed on Impossible film by majestic disorder. Photo Credit: majestic disorder


This online publication is amazing and full of inspiration. What is majestic disorder about? Well, i’ll let the founder and editor in chief, Kelley Mullarkey, tell you…

“majestic disorder is a thought provoking online publication  that documents and features individuals who posses an enchanting and empowering form of personal style.”

They feature great talent and have a special place for instant film in their foundation. I loved this interview they had with Cyrus, he talks about instant film in a way I have rarely heard it described. Here is a small write up by majestic disorder and links to the interview. And an added bonus, his video interview.

London – “There’s something mysterious and unique about Polaroids. When I shoot Polaroid, I love instantly having a physical print to hold. It’s like a physical manifestation of that memory, of that moment,” explains Cyrus Mahboubian. Cyrus is an acclaimed analog and Polaroid photographer from London. He recently sat down with majestic disorder, an online publication focusing on arts, culture and style, discussing his passion for film, Polaroid and traditional processes.

Cyrus’ entry into film started when his dad gave him his 1978 Nikon F2 after he enrolled at the University of Bristol in 2006. “It’s such an unbelievably gorgeous object. I felt like I owed it to the camera to learn how to use it. It’s what inspired me to learn how to shoot photography,” he explained to majestic disorder. Having been disillusioned with the rise of digital photography, Cyrus went backwards and bought himself a Polaroid camera, a classic 600 series box camera. The elements of instant physical print gratification, sole image copy, a mysterious and unpredictable look and the challenging mastery of the craft all combined his love of Polaroid photography. Once Polaroid ceased manufacturing instant film in 2008, Cyrus grabbed what expired film packs he could. The photos he snapped with it comprised some of his most prized work, which has been featured in numerous exhibitions across London. When The Impossible Project launched in 2010, Cyrus was eager to get his hands on the instant film he thought would be long lost.

After some years of experimentation, he’s quite satisfied with the chemical evolution of Impossible’s PX 680 color film, which he loves shooting on his Polaroid 690. Cyrus will next be exhibiting at The Other Art Fair in London from April 25-28.”

majestic disorder story majestic disorder video

We have an amazing week ahead full of inspiration and great talent. We would love to answer any questions you have about us or our interview on Let The Kids and majestic disorder with a comment below!

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