Snap It See It Swag…and more.

Hello, everyone! Hoping today finds you all well and getting ready to wind down the work week so you can enjoy the weekend. Today, we take a break from a feature but still wanted to post a few of the things we have going on.

  • First, we recently had some “swag” ordered – vinyl stickers and some buttons. We are pretty happy with how they came out and would love to share them with you. All sales helps us keep this blog going. There is a cost associated with hosting our site and by buying some swag, it would help us keep this running. We are personally fueled by your enthusiasm for instant film and the rad projects many of you share with us.  Each set is $11 and includes shipping within the states (we’ll double check on international orders, depending on where it’s going), 4 stickers and 2 buttons. Stickers were printed with Sticker Mule and the buttons with Print Studio. If you have any questions, or want us to send you a set, send us an email – and we’ll get a Paypal invoice going.

  • Monthly Assignment! For the month of August, our assignment theme is “friendship.” We thought we’d re-introduce the monthly assignments to keep our creativity going and interact with more of you. Also, it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase your work. Use the Submit menu on our website to participate!


  • Artist Spotlights and Features. If you know of someone that might like to be featured or want to feature your work, email us –
  • Looking for someone who’s shot the New55 PN film and might be interested in doing a write up. We’d love to see some examples and hear your thoughts and maybe a little bit about the process and equipment needed. If you have any experience with alternative photography, maybe you’d like to share your work and experience with us, too!
  • InstantPenPals! A while back we featured the work of Jeff Meltz and Jessi Roti – they would love to see your #instantpenpals creations. If you’re not sure how to get started, contact us and we can put you in touch with Jeff and Jessi. It would be great to get artists and photographers involved!

Later this week, we’ll be back with our Featured Friday post, so stay tuned and don’t forget to tag your instant photos #snapitseeit on Instagram! Have a great week!

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