SnapJet Kickstarter | New Indie Instant Film Printer


Mobile phone printers are awesome. Some may agree some may not. However, we are big lovers of these things and are feeling refreshed that a new one has come onto the market. This time, by a new independent company, SnapJet. The amazing thing about SnapJet is that not only is it an indie company, but it was started by two brothers, Ismail and Isaac.


We reached out and asked a couple of questions to get a little more insight into what makes SnapJet different and why they are willing to come into a market that already has a few instant film printers. We will be bringing a more in depth interview soon! Ismail is such a nice dude and it’s a pleasure to chat with him any chance we get.

So, I really want to know as to why you guys decided to launch a competitor to the Instant Lab?

Ismail | We didn’t plan to be a competitor to Impossible – rather, we envisioned a portable printer for the smartphone. Instant film came up as the best medium to do that.

Impossible Instant Lab specifically wanted to marry Polaroid to the iPhone.

From what I understand, you will be printing out images on Fuji Instax Mini film, so what is the benefit of that compared to larger Impossible instant film, and overall what makes you better than the Instant Lab?

Ismail | Well, the Instant Lab takes about 7 steps to eject a photo:

1) Launch instant app, choose photo
2) Expand instant lab tower,
3) Press “expose” button on app
4) Open shutter
5) Place phone on holder and wait for it to “flash”
6) Close shutter
7) Push hardware print button on instant lab to eject photo

With SnapJet, you:

1) Place phone on top and press print button

In other words, we remove lots of the intermediate steps that are required, and do not need an app on the phone. We admire what Impossible Instant Lab has done. However, we think our innovation in the exposure process makes the process a lot less tedious, and more seamless.

The really interesting thing about this device is that it will be completely open sourced. The Linux of instant film printers. This really opens up the world to a device that we can mod and hopefully make into a camera back, Instax camera backs anyone? Stay tuned for our next interview where we find out if they will be making an Instax wide version, as that’s what we all would really be interested in. Imagine finally having the parts to make an Instax wide camera back! Exciting, right?!

Let me tell you a little about the SnapJet Kickstarter campaign. First of all, we are only 8 days into this and SnapJet has reached a few milestones. Within the first 3 days they had raised $18,000. They were also awarded the Kickstarter holy grail, they were chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. That is huge as they get great real estate on the Kickstarter website. Their rapid growth has taken them to $87,582 worth of 657 pledges and lots of press on major sites.

Will they get funded? Definitely. This is your chance to get a discounted early bird SnapJet printer!. Rewards are filling up fast so make your pledge today and if that is out of your reach give them a shout out on social media! The road to success for Kickstarter campaigns is social media reach. Lets help this indie company reach success!

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