How To Update: Bleaching FP-100C Negatives

Bleaching the negatives from Fuji's FP-100c instant film is nothing new. There are several How To articles online and videos available. It is a topic we have discussed on the site before and honestly thought there was nothing new to go over with it. That all changed this past weekend when Brian and … [Read more...]

How To: Bleaching Impossible Project Negatives

Today on the blog, we have a great little How To post for you. Marcelo Yáñez, one of our Artist Spotlight's from last year, has come up with the steps to recover an Impossible Project color negative. Why is this cool you ask? Well for starters, we all know about doing emulsion lifts. Cut, peel, … [Read more...]

How To: Bleaching FP-100C Negatives

A few weeks ago we ran a blog post on scanning Fp-3000B negatives. That post had a lot of people asking us what you do for the FP-100C negatives. We got together with Michael Smith from Ash Imagery and came up with this quick How To. Below you will find a short video I made and all the steps and … [Read more...]