Mint SLR670M Camera Review

Where do I begin? By saying that this is my favorite instant camera in the world or that I wish it did two more things? Let me start by saying this. The SLR670M is truly my favorite integral camera ever made and I can't believe we have lived without it for this long. So, what makes this camera so … [Read more...]

Camera Review: Minolta Instant Pro

  Today we have another user submitted camera review. The camera we are discussing is the Minolta Instant Pro and the review is by Travis Ennis. Travis has been very active on Facebook in the instant film group and has produced some great images with this setup. You can see more of Travis' … [Read more...]

Review: Polaroid SLR 680 / 690

Recently, I came across a little gem in local camera fair about half a year ago. Walking by all the tables, amongst a slew of cameras, I spotted what looked like an SLR 680. I was stoked; ever since I had heard that a foldable Polaroid 600 slr existed, it was my most sought after treasure. But to my … [Read more...]

Camera Review: Polaroid Model 180 Land Camera

Last week we featured a camera review by one of our readers, Michael Smith. Mike talked about the Polaroid Model 195 Land Camera and briefly mentioned it's close cousin, the Model 180.  You can find that review here. Today we are joined by another reader, Sandy Phimester. Sandy has been a … [Read more...]

Camera Review: Polaroid Model 195 Land Camera

One of the best things about shooting instant film, weather its pack film, expired Polaroid, or modern Impossible film is the number of cameras at our finger tips. As much as I'd love to get my hands on every model made for these reviews, the sad truth is I can not. But, thanks to such a wide … [Read more...]