How To Update: Bleaching FP-100C Negatives

Bleaching the negatives from Fuji's FP-100c instant film is nothing new. There are several How To articles online and videos available. It is a topic we have discussed on the site before and honestly thought there was nothing new to go over with it. That all changed this past weekend when Brian and … [Read more...]

Bleaching fp100c negatives the Michael Ash Smith way

You are asking yourself right now. What the heck, didn't SISI already post about this? Yes! We did! You can check it out here. Our original post is amazing and this tutorial is rad as well, basically this is an update to that. Our buddy¬†Michael Smith decided to ¬†blog about his technique and he does … [Read more...]

Film Review: FP-100C

Unless you are shooting expired Polaroid film, when it comes to type 100 or 3.25 x 4.25" peel-apart film, your choices are pretty limited these days. There are two stocks currently available, and both are manufactured by FujiFilm. FP-3000B, a B&W, ISO 3000 speed film (which is now being … [Read more...]

Birgit Hart: Last Days of Summer

Ok, I know you must be looking at that title and thinking that the last days of summer were months ago. Well, they were, and I miss them a lot! It has been hovering in the teens and low thirties here in Charlotte lately. I know thats nothing compared to some parts of the states, but it's enough … [Read more...]

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party: Chris Kale

I'm hoping that everyone has had a great holiday season so far, no matter how you celebrate. Recently, I was invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party. Like most social gatherings I'm invited to, I had camera in hand and was more than willing to take some pictures. This gathering was very close … [Read more...]