Andrew Thomas Lee: Manchester Orchestra | The Tabernacle

So, things have been crazy around here lately. Wedding season hits, and everyone gets behind with their real jobs. I'll be the first to admit, with my recent trip to Haiti and an unexpected illness, I have not been on top of things. Usually, we try to stay on top of whats being posted to social … [Read more...]

Sarah Kastrau: Like Ghost

Here at Snap It See It, we love to receive submissions that are a bit different from the norm. So, when I received an email from Sarah Kastrau stating that she was shooting underground metal & hardcore bands on a Polaroid 230, I got excited to see the images. I have toyed with this idea in … [Read more...]

Body: Sarah Robertson

Today, we are happy to share a set of images submitted from one of our previous Artist Spotlights. Sarah Robertson was on the blog a few months back talking about her experience shooting instant film and shared some pretty rad images with us. Those images were shot on FP-100C using her Mamiya RZ. If … [Read more...]

Film Review: FP-3000B

Please share, like, comment on and tweet this post. We need to be heard! I have been meaning to write a review of Fuji's FP-3000B for a while now. I guess I always thought the film would be around and the review kept getting put on the back burner. Well, after last weeks news, I think now is the … [Read more...]

Breaking News: FUJIFILM To Discontinue FP-3000B

  A few days ago, some rumors were floating around the interwebs announcing that Fuji was going to discontinue one of it's remaining pack films. Currently Fuji produces FP-100C ISO 100 Color film and FP-3000B ISO 3000 black and white film. As lovers of pack film, these rumors had us upset … [Read more...]