SX70 Giveaway plus new Podcast Conversations with Creative

It has been a hot minute since we hosted a Giveaway! Through a series of unfortunate/fortunate events we are teaming up with Richard Spicer in anticipation of his new Podcast, Conversation with Creatives, to giveaway a SX70! You only have 1 day to enter! Follow this link to enter! Richard … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Generation 2.0 600 Film Winners

For many readers, Featured Friday is nothing to new or unexpected. So this time around, we are going to spice things up a bit and showcase the winners of our Impossible Project Generation 2.0 600 film today! A big congratulations to  James Harris, Maria Milbredt,  Jordana Dale Russell, and Kevin … [Read more...]

Impossible Generation 2.0 Test Film Giveaway!

We are so stoked to be partnering with Impossible once again and we are giving away 4 packs of the next generation of Impossible films! We are calling this giveaway the Millennial Challenge. With pack film production on the decline, just like the Millennial generation, The Impossible Project is … [Read more...]

News Update: Cub & Co. Giveaway

In case you missed our post last week featuring Cub & Co., we mentioned a special Giveaway being hosted on Instagram. Joel Chavez, owner of Cub & Co., has given us one of his handmade straps for the Polaroid SX-70 camera. This is not only an awesome looking strap, but the craftsmanship is … [Read more...]

Vendor Spotlight: Cub & Co.

  "Cub & Co.'s Mantra is Shoot to Live / Live to Shoot, and thats really what we're about. I'm a film shooter first and foremost, and I develop tools for photographers like myself who value quality and craftsmanship. Its the beginning and end of everything we do, its the soul of our … [Read more...]