Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: Why & How To Shield Your Impossible Photos

We really hope you've enjoyed Impossible's latest initiative, Tutorial Tuesday. If you're new to shooting Impossible Film, then hopefully this weekly feature has been informative, explaining how the film and chemistry works, answered some of your questions and helped you take even better instant … [Read more...]

Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: How To Handle Impossible Film

Last week, we brought to you a summary of Impossible's Tutorial Tuesday Twitter chat, "What's Inside Impossible Film?" Hopefully, that information was useful and answered any questions you may have had on just how Impossible film works from start to finish. This week, Impossible's Tutorial Tuesday … [Read more...]

How To Update: Bleaching FP-100C Negatives

Bleaching the negatives from Fuji's FP-100c instant film is nothing new. There are several How To articles online and videos available. It is a topic we have discussed on the site before and honestly thought there was nothing new to go over with it. That all changed this past weekend when Brian and … [Read more...]

How To: Polaroid Pinhole by Siim Vahur

So, today we are going to show you how to make a pinhole camera from Polaroid Studio Express back. I believe this should work with other backs as well that are similar to the studio express. Now, I'll tell you up front, this How To is a little different from others we have posted. It comes from … [Read more...]

Bleaching fp100c negatives the Michael Ash Smith way

You are asking yourself right now. What the heck, didn't SISI already post about this? Yes! We did! You can check it out here. Our original post is amazing and this tutorial is rad as well, basically this is an update to that. Our buddy Michael Smith decided to  blog about his technique and he does … [Read more...]