Camera Review: MINT TL70

Hey guys! Matt Day here doing a little guest post for the kind folks of Snap It See It. Chris reached out to me recently because he knew I was awaiting my InstantFlex TL70 from Mint Camera. We decided do a little collaboration between the site here and my YouTube channel. I recorded an unboxing … [Read more...]

Miguel Jimenez: Maternity Shoot on Instax Mini

Hey friends! Today we bring you a photo feature of our Spaniard friend Miguel Jimenez. He is an amazing photographer that leaves a huge part for film in his heart. I really took notice of him not only because of his instant work but his work is just amazing. That image above, breathtaking right! He … [Read more...]

Review: Fuji Instax Share SP-1

  Today we will be talking about the FujiFilm Instax Share SP-1. (SP-1 for the rest of the article) I received the SP-1 a few weeks ago and jokingly asked, could be an Instant Lab killer? I will say up front, NO! Although there are some very cool features I will discuss with the SP-1, the … [Read more...]

Camera Review: Fuji Instax Mini 90

Back in August we announced that Fuji had released an updated version of their popular Instax Mini line of cameras. The update not only added a few extra features to the camera, but gave the camera a much needed facelift. Following along with design cues from the X series line, the camera now looks … [Read more...]

New Instant Camera | Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neoclassic

We are big fans of Instax Mini film. Yet we feel it is underrated for many reasons.  Most users online, love the film but complain about the cameras having a toy like feel and appearance.  Well, the end is near for this underrated tool! Today Fuji announced a brand new camera! An instant camera … [Read more...]