Camera Review: MINT TL70

Hey guys! Matt Day here doing a little guest post for the kind folks of Snap It See It. Chris reached out to me recently because he knew I was awaiting my InstantFlex TL70 from Mint Camera. We decided do a little collaboration between the site here and my YouTube channel. I recorded an unboxing … [Read more...]

Instax 300 VS Instax 500AF

Last week we talked about the new Instax 300 and how we were disappointed and excited all at once. and you can check out the Fujifilm Instax 300 article at before mentioned link. One of our readers noticed the article and sent us over his detailed comparison of the the Instax 300 vs Instax Wide … [Read more...]

Instax Wide 300 | New Gear and Update

Fujifilm...such evil yet such goodness all at once. ¬†They recently announced an "update" to their super popular Instax wide line. I say update in quotation marks because it can hardly be called that. It is more of a redesign then anything. We completely feel that Fuji is just torturing us at this … [Read more...]

Lomography Belair Instax Wide Back Review

We love hearing about new instant film swag coming on the market. So, when Lomography released an alternative to the Instax Wide 210 camera (that can be limiting) we were stoked. Instax film is so underrated because of its camera options. While Fujifilm continues to innovate the Instax Mini film, … [Read more...]

Camera Review: Fuji Instax Mini 90

Back in August we announced that Fuji had released an updated version of their popular Instax Mini line of cameras. The update not only added a few extra features to the camera, but gave the camera a much needed facelift. Following along with design cues from the X series line, the camera now looks … [Read more...]