Film Review: FP-100C

Unless you are shooting expired Polaroid film, when it comes to type 100 or 3.25 x 4.25" peel-apart film, your choices are pretty limited these days. There are two stocks currently available, and both are manufactured by FujiFilm. FP-3000B, a B&W, ISO 3000 speed film (which is now being … [Read more...]

Film Is Not Dead: Austin, TX Part 2

A few weeks back, I wrote of my time in Austin, TX where I had attended a Film Is Not Dead workshop put on by Jon Canlas. You can FIND (pun intended) that post here. In that post I told you of the amazing time we had and what a joy it was to meet and hang out with such a great group of … [Read more...]

Drying Pack Film Prints and Negatives

Hello everyone! Were back on the blog this week after an exciting break for 'RoidWeek 2013. We hope everybody had a great time shooting and also admiring the work of your fellow instant film shooters. I came across some recent discussion online as to what people were doing with there pack film … [Read more...]

Instant Doggie Photobooth

So, we have a fun one for you today! Jesse Freidin runs a photobooth. But not for your typical crazy wedding guest. This one is for your bed-hogging, couch-cuddling, bone-burying best friend. It's an Instant Doggie Photobooth! Check out this short video taken at Jesses annual Instant Doggie … [Read more...]

Jen Golay: 70’s Inspired Senior Shoot

One thing we have tried to do on the blog is introduce people to artist they may not have found on their own. Each week we have our Artist Spotlight, but we have also like to find people through social media and spotlight their work. The #snapitseeit hashtag has really started to catch on, and thats … [Read more...]