Rural America by Caleb Jenkins

Recently we received a submission for the site from a young man named Caleb Jenkins. Caleb submitted the following images and a brief write up on the shots which we have included below. I love Caleb's approach to shooting and I love the images he submitted. They remind me of areas around where I … [Read more...]

Polaroid SX-70 by Matt Day

We have talked about the Polaroid SX-70 on the blog before. It is one of our favorite cameras for shooting instant film and we know many of you out there feel the same way. Often we get asked, "what camera should i get to shoot Impossible film?" and our answer is the SX-70 most of the time. The … [Read more...]

On A Boat: Chris Kale

A few weeks back, my son had Spring break from school. We decided to take a long weekend and explore a small part of the Caribbean aboard a Carnival cruise. When packing gear for the trip, I grabbed my SX-70 and two packs of Impossible film. On the ride from North Carolina to Florida, I was trying … [Read more...]

Coney Island by Heather Howard

I received an email a few weeks ago from Heather Howard. Heather is the manager of The FIND Lab, and usually an email from her means my credit card has just been charged. This email though was filled with bright and colorful images of Coney Island taken on instant film. As the weather is getting … [Read more...]

Long Weekend: Bruce Breuer

Todays post is a collection of images we received from Bruce Breuer of Kearny, NJ. Bruce has been shooting instant film for about a year now and although these shots don't show it, he has recently started doing manipulations. We hope to get a series of those from him sometime soon! The following … [Read more...]