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We love themed collections and this is  our most colorful and fun submission yet. It comes to us from Heather Perera and Michael Rousseau and it documents their time at a local Holifest Celebration.  I will admit that I have been fascinated by this festival for a very long time. I dream of making it to India one day and shooting the festival as it happens live. I was thrilled as soon as we received this submission and absolutely adore these images. It never crossed my mind that the paint would stick to the drying pack film once peeled and the effect is to die for. They shot fuji pack film and fuji instax. Two fun and easy formats that allowed for carefree shooting and easy developing.

So, what exactly is Holifest?

“Holifest is an Hindu festival celebrating a new season, spring.  It originates in India where people come together, celebrate and throw colors at one another.  We went to one in LA where every hour, on the hour, everyone would throw their colors.  During this time, it was one big colorful cloud.  It’s pretty amazing, I would recommend it, especially for photographers!

 The main reason we shot instant film is because we wanted to view the images we were taking right away. The beauty of instant film is that it reminds me of those old trading baseball cards, you know the ones that came with gum? Being able to pass around our photos and seeing what we all came out with was exciting. During the drops, there was so much colored powder being thrown in the air, you had to cover your eyes and mouth. Squinting through my viewfinder, holding my breath and being rewarded with my tangible image is special and unique, which only instant film can offer.
The audience that attended had great energy, little kids would run around and throw powder on us, adults would see individuals with clean clothes and again throw powder on you. Everyone was in great spirits, we were able to experience and capture love, acrobatics, laughs and most importantly unity.”



You can see more of these two talented work at:


Michael Rousseau

Instagram: Mikebamboo
Twitter: Mikebamboo
Heather Perera
Instagram: Heatherperera
Twitter: Heather_Perera
If you too, have gone to a foreign place, an amazing color festival, or have a series of 15-20 instant film images with a common theme. Email us at


  1. Love this, thank you for featuring us!!!

  2. Thank you so much! Glad you liked the images as much as we do!

    • Mike the images are awesome! You guys looked like you had a blast. Hope to see more from you in the future.

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