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As usual and on time every Tuesday we bring you another Instant Theme. Today we have Francisco Chavira Snap It See It Co-Founder and Sacramento, California based portrait photographer. He has been working on refining his personal vision through personal work. So, he has begun a new series of images shot on instant film that document pop up Traveling Fairs that pass through town. They have amazing colors and have many miles worth of story to tell.

Well let me start by telling you what attracted me to this idea. The biggest force behind this is Jonathan Canlas‘s, some would say, constant barrage, of preaching how much personal work unrelated to your business effects your professional vision. I completely believe it. As a kid, more simpler times, I remember always being completely obsessed with going to these small fairs that would set up in random parking lots. What kids wouldn’t?  I am still obsessed with them, of course now its because of the visuals. These fairs travel from different states and travel many miles. The rides see a lot of use and result in beat up machines that kids love. These are the early images of this collection and I can’t wait to see what is to come. 

Let me start by saying, what I am going to say next isn’t a negative review on expired Polaroid film. The biggest thing that attracts me to expired film is the look of it. A wonderful mix of yellow and orange, resulting in completely unique images. Perfect for specific situations or photographers wanting that look. But there is something to be said when similar images are compared to Impossible Projects new PX70 Color Protection film. Especially when compared to the price of properly stored expired Polaroid film and new guaranteed to work film from The Impossible Project. Some Expired stock sells for a pretty penny and possibly not in working condition. For those of you out in the interwebs that have a stock pile of rare Polaroid stock, I just want you to know I have a huge, more like a ton of envy heading your way. If you are a kind person and want to share with me. Let me know and I will email you the address of my refrigerator.  The thing is, I love all instant film. Especially the unique qualities of expired stock and there is no denying the rarity of these films now days. But, one of my jobs here at Snap It See It is to inform via comparison. So for the first leg of this project I shot some Polaroid 779 film along side PX70 Color Protection film. Here are my results for you to compare. Thank you for reading!



We are always looking for new Instant themes. If you have a fabulous portrait session you shot with instant film or a similar personal project like Francisco’s. Submit to us! We would love to chat.


  1. Wowowowowowowwo these are amazingly beautiful… I die xx

  2. Nice! But, no pictures of carnies?


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