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We sure do hope that this week is treating you well. For our Wednesday posts, we are always excited to share with you a feature set of themed images, instant film news, exhibit information, and today – information about an instant film workshop happening soon.

We love workshops. There is nothing better than getting together with people of all different walks of life that share your passion and just like you, are eager to learn from, work alongside, and talk shop with photographers they really admire. Not to mention the life long connections that come from meeting such awesome people. Being that we are a blog dedicated to all things instant film, we thought you might all want to know about the upcoming workshop, “Theories & Techniques on Instant Film.” Hosted by Michael Ash Smith and Kiera Eve Haddock, they describe this as more than just a workshop.

They will share their thoughts, theories, techniques – everything they know about instant film – and it’s their way of making sure instant film is around for many, many more years to come (and that makes us happy!).  The first of these workshops was held back in March in Philadelphia and was a huge success. This time around, Michael and Kiera will be in Minneapolis, MN on September 22, 2015.  With your support, it’s possible that this workshop may one day come to a U.S. city near you.

The itinerary includes a full day of theories, techniques, tips, tricks, how-to’s, a photoshoot, drying, cleaning, bleaching, and scanning positives and the negatives…to us, it sounds like an amazing time.

Think you’re interested? Read more and sign up here!

Michael and Kiera are both great photographers, so please connect with and support them using any of the links below. Also check out a select few of the photos from the first Theories and Techniques workshop held in Philadelphia.

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