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We are still shocked by the response for this new blog of ours. We are completely in awe and inspired by your love for instant film. Friday we celebrated a small victory. We have only been live for 8 days and  hit our 5,000th  site visit!  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this project of ours. One thing is for sure, though, and that is we will continue to provide great content for all of you. So, this week on Snap It See It, we will keep bringing it to you with a Camera Review, a new Artist Spotlight and a very special post saved for Friday.

Tuesday: SX-70 Camera Review

SX70 Polaroid Land Camera 100 FP3000b

SX70 Polaroid Land Camera 100 FP3000b

Designed by Edwyn land, this camera is one of the most stunning and powerful image making devices ever made for the instant photo world. Compact as a book and more powerful than many other integral cameras ever produced. We love this camera and we will tell you why tomorrow.

Thursday: Artist Spotlight featuring George Weiss III

George Weiss the Third

George Weiss III, Taken by Kristin Weiss SX70 PX680 Cool

Do we have another amazingly talented artist to bring into the spotlight for you? Yes, yes we do; Thursday we will feature George Weiss III. With a vast  understanding of each instant film, George has mastered using them to create powerful images. His work with wedding clients is so great that we cant wait for you to see this post and be inspired to shoot instant film for your clients.



All we can say now is that you will want to make sure to come back to see something Impossible. It will be for your own benefit and will be one of the most exciting post we have done thus far. We cant wait for you to see what we have planned.


Keep your eyes peeled. Until then, happy shooting

Chris, Francisco, and Justin.

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