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First of all, we want to thank everyone who started supporting our little endeavor last week. The retweets, follows, comments, and likes all mean a lot to us, and we want you to know they will all not go in vain; the team is hard at work to bring you more reviews, artists, and videos. What’s in store for you this week?


Taken By Justin Molina PX70 Color Protection Film The Impossible Project, Polaroid SX-70

Taken By Justin Molina PX70 Color Protection Film The Impossible Project, Polaroid SX-70

Last year was revolutionary for the world of instant film when The Impossible Project announced a new film. The new chemistry was said to produce vivid colors, razor  sharpness and best of all something called Color Protection, which brought about the ease of shooting that paralleled Polaroid’s original film. The new Color Protection Film was expected to change everything. We believe it did and we will be sharing a film review of the new PX70 Color Protection Film.


Jon Duenas

Jon Duenas

This week we will be featuring Jon Duenas, an editorial and fine art wedding photographer from Portland, Oregon with a clear vision and a love for instant film. His work includes shots on Impossible’s Color Film, so you will get to see first hand how an artist incorporates this film into their work.


Francisco Chavira 4x5 Graphic View camera, Old generation PX600 Impossible Project film

Francisco Chavira 4×5 Graphic View, Old generation PX600 Impossible Project film

Friday we will be venturing into new territory by posting our first how-to video. Francisco, one of our co-founders, found an easy way to shoot integral film in a 4×5 camera. There have been posts around the web of people loading individual sheets of film into 4×5 film holders. But we found an even easier way that will nail each shot. We think it will be a completely new way of shooting integral film. The ability to manual focus and manually expose an image changes everything. It  brings about a sharpness, tones and detail that we have never seen from integral film. The Team is excited to share this simple process with you and see a new level of incredible images you will produce.

It will be quite an awesome week, so be on the look out. We hope you guys are as excited as we are.

Happy Shooting.

Chris, Francisco and Justin

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