Time Zero The Last Year of Polaroid Film is on Netflix!


All four of us that run this site live in not so trendy towns like New York or LA. So when a new Indie Flick about Polaroid came out, we were stoked but also skeptical we would ever see it. The movie’s title is Time Zero The Last Year of  Polaroid Film. The documentary chronicles the last years of Polaroid and how even through bankruptcy their film production was still profitable. To find out why Polaroid decided to quit manufacturing film, you’ll have to watch the movie. I can’t spoil the movie! However a couple days ago, my life became just a little happier because this movie has been added to one of my favorite things Netflix! Rad right!? Its totally streamable and available to watch all the time!

It’s amazing to see, at the time of filming of this movie, people were so skeptical of the Impossible Project, and them succeeding. We all know the struggles they had for sure, but they were successful. It reminded me of where they started and where we are know, made me so grateful for the miracle that happened in only one year. I am more grateful and excited for where we are headed. March 25th,2010 it all began and for me, my first pack of film came in December of 2011. Below are some cool stuff from my collection. My first Impossible Project image, my pioneer letter signed by the Doc himself, my first spectra image, and finally some sketches for ideas for this very site, when Chris and I began talking about building this awesome community. LONG LIVE INSTANT FILM AND THANK YOU IMPOSSIBLE!

What you need to know is that it is a must watch! It made me even more grateful as to this wonderful community we have here and why we are all so passionate about instant film. We are all so united in keeping this medium alive and are decided to not let it go. The tangibility of the images we make is pure magic and we will all scream it from the roof tops if we have to. You rock! We rock! INSTANT FILM ROCKS! IMPOSSIBLE ROCKS!

To watch this awesome documentary and see an exclusive peek at the humble and hard beginnings of  The Impossible Project, here is your link to Netflix, Time Zero!


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