Traveling Fairs | California State Fair

Long time readers will instantly know of Francisco’s fascination and long going project with Traveling Fairs. Today we have a second part to this on going project of Francisco’s.

“Every time I arrive at a new fair, I am instantly reminded of pop cultures latest trends. May it be the revival of fanny packs or the giant minions everywhere. Each fair will have an even bigger cheaper stuffed animal that everyone wants. Fair goers are willing to play +$10 games for two tries to make a ring in the neck of a bottle 15 feet away. Why? That is the story I want to reveal. Why are we so drawn to these clunky fairs of rich fried foods? What price are we willing to pay for memories, indulgence and is it worth it?

There are so many more aspects of the project I want to explore and cant wait to see where it goes. In the mean while, I was also able to experiment with two new techniques.

First, lets deal with the garbage peel apart films makes. Via a Facebook instant film group we discussed the self termination feature of fp100c and how to take advantage of it. Knowing how cumbersome shooting this film in a moving environment is, I had to explore it a bit. The temperature was a steady 80 degrees and not humid. I shot about three packs and I wouldn’t peel the images. I did store them in my camera bag in the shade and didn’t peel them for 2 hours. The prints were perfect. I was fortunate the heat was not bad and I have an insulted camera bag. This technique should be tried with caution and you should do some test runs before trying this on a shoot. Watch out for the heat! IT can dry the chemicals and ruin your prints. It may work wonders or leave you empty handed. In anyway, I highly recommend you try this and save some headaches with lots of garbage.

Second, I shot neon signs. At first I was clueless. I shot an image, and failed miserable. That ruined shot was painful! It was sunset, framed the perfect sign and just as I clicked, a group of Ducks in classic V shape flew perfectly through my shot. I knew it was a failure instantly! Exposure was way off and to long. Then I thought let me ask the wonderful world of twitter. I tweeted at neon sign masters and got my answer. Shoot at twilight and darken all the way. The colors of twilight will be the perfect dramatic backdrop and darkening gives you the write exposure. I am in love with the deep purples and reds of the Ferris wheels below. Amazing results. My other success with the photo Tickets to the Moon photo below.

In all shooting my Polaroid 350 + fp100c during the day and SX70 with PX680 CP film at twilight is my favorite combo for this project. Thank you so much for looking at my photos and my on going project!”

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