Two new Kickstarter Projects you shouldn’t miss

We are such huge fans of Kickstarter. It’s the modern way of making things happen, by making all of us investors. Such a great way to make great ideas become reality. We encourage you to support these projects, even if it’s just a small amount. Today we are so stoked to share two Instant film Kickstarter projects that you can invest in.


First, as many people have already shared, New55 aims to make an all new Instant Film. A replacement, if you will, of Polaroids legendary Type 55 film. As photographers we must understand that instant film will only exist if we demand it. Yet the beauty of this new film, is that production is scalable, much easier then if a larger company were trying to do this. We must remember and emphasis that if this Kickstarter project is not successful, New55 will never happen.

“As a New55 FILM backer you will be making history.  But you will also be constructing the future of Post-Digital professional darkroomless analog photography.  Here, we — a group of artists (from every continent) — will take up the means of production.  Where large-scale industrial capacity has failed to adapt to the major technological and behavioral shifts from the rise of digital photography, a small-scale factory that is modular, scalable, and humane in its flexibility will begin manufacturing an important and necessary photographic material — New55 FILM.  We now have the opportunity and the responsibility to make it happen.”.

You can find more details of this project here.



The next project we want to share is by Caleb Alvarado. A photographer from Arizona. His project is truly magnificent. Not only is he using Polaroid Type 55 film in his project, but his portraits are stunning. His project aims to remind us how connected we are all regardless of our personalities. Caleb will be using lots on instant film and film to complete his project. He could use our help to make his project reality and help show Ghana, Africa some instant film love. We asked Caleb to tell us in his own words what his project is about. You can visit his Kickstarter page here.

“My name is Caleb Alvarado; I am an artist, designer and photographer.  This is my project.

My project is called, “Inspirations; Human Connection, A Portrait Series”.

My journey started during my days in graduate school, where I began questioning the importance of human connection. While being trained as an architect, one becomes so enwrapped with the importance of materials, of aesthetically pleasing design, but most designers leave out the most important thing; people connecting to people. One can design the most beautiful building but if one cannot get two people to connect to each other in that space, then the space is useless. Space & design aside, I started to take on the journey of trying to find out how people can connect. I started with the most basic thing that I know all people share, human emotions.

We are all human. Regardless of race, age, culture, religion or socio-economic status, we all have emotions. Human emotions are complex. They express positive or negative reactions to external & internal stimuli. My belief is that emotions, behavior & cognition all influence each other. Thus each emotion distinctly affects human motivation, nervous function, learning, physical acts, psychological arousal and communication with others.

From my personal view to connect to someone emotionally else is to be inspired; it can be a person’s life, their work, their lifestyle, or character. Learning from others, provides inspirations and the foundation for one to grow regardless of the aspect of life.  

I am shooting this entire project on film. Whether it be 4×5 & medium format or even instant film this is my media of choice. I want to shoot on instant film because of its authenticity. For a project like this, the more raw, the more authentic media I use the more the portraits will be justified. 

I started this project by taking intimate portraits of people who inspire me, people whom I admire and have made a strong personal connection with.  In thinking about the portraits, I came up with a series of questions that I asked them.   

– What are human emotions?

– What defines human connection?

– Can emotions create an atmosphere or space?

– Where do you feel the most connected to yourself and to your emotions?

– What is your most intimate space?

– What is vulnerability?

For this portrait series, I started with a small group of people. I asked them these questions and took their portraits. There was no makeup, no costumes, and no rehearsals just raw photography. These photographs capture true human spirit, full of emotions, full of life and full of thirst for that human connection. This initial step will allow me to continue this journey of exploring all aspects of inspirations. 

I extend my gratitude to everyone that has supported me, emotionally, physically & financially during this journey.  This journey is helping me grow everyday and I am learning the importance of human connections, I will continue on this path of exploration until I cease to exist.”


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