Ugly Sweater Christmas Party: Chris Kale

I’m hoping that everyone has had a great holiday season so far, no matter how you celebrate.

Recently, I was invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party. Like most social gatherings I’m invited to, I had camera in hand and was more than willing to take some pictures. This gathering was very close to home and once I saw the space available, it became apparent that a quick photobooth was in order.

Setup here was quick and easy. A few packs of FP-100C, a Mamiya Universal at f/11 for picture taking, a cable release so I could join the fun, an Alien Bee in a beauty dish on axis with the camera and a white sheet along with some props. After people had arrived and had a drink, the booth opened and we shot a couple packs of film. Nothing groundbreaking here, but so much fun. Being that I lived within walking distance to this party, I was able to run home and scan the prints quickly. Everyone left with a fun, instant print for their fridge.

This is why I love instant film. Not only did the camera spark conversation, but people loved the prints. And with all the digital cameras and iPhones that were being used that night, I guarantee, these are the only prints made.


Merry Christmas everyone, from me (the bearded guy in some of the shots) to you! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to a new year here on Snap It See It with you.


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