Update: 600 Exposures on a Polaroid 600

We want to thank each and everyone of you who signed up for our 600 on a 600 project. We are truly overwhelmed at the response.

Honestly, I thought this was something that a few people would sign up for, and as we posted images to the blog and Facebook, momentum would gain.Well, thats not the case. In less than 6hrs of the post going live, we had reached the 75 photographers needed. In less than 24hrs, we were at almost twice that number and people are still signing up.

That being said, we are tweeking the project to accommodate more people and get cameras in your hands as quickly as possible. We will be starting two 600 cameras on the journey in the United States and Canada. A separate camera will be used for our friends overseas.

We are looking forward to seeing this project take shape. Stay tuned for updates.





  1. Claudia Hobgood says:

    Congratulations on the response!

    So if you signed up this morning, are we all on a list to be selected or will everyone be able to participate?

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