Update: Faces and Families of Haiti

Well, Monday was an exciting day for instant film. New55 not only reached their Kickstarter goal, they passed it! Although we are several months away from a final product, the first hurdle has been passed and the business of making New55 can begin. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign, financially or from the sidelines sharing through social media. We, as a collective group of photographers have made it known that we support not only instant film, but any company willing to produce new film and keep our medium alive. And a big thanks to Bob Crowley and the rest of the New55 crew for putting the time and effort into this.

Now, I have some more exciting news. I had posted a few weeks back about my upcoming trip to Haiti. You can read about the trip and the organizations I’ll be working with here. Well, thanks to Mel Pierce Camera and your donations, I’m happy to say that my instant film goal has been met! However, I still need some help getting the remaining 35mm film needed for the trip. With just a few weeks to go, I’m reaching out again and asking for your support in reaching my goals. Here is the latest update from Mel Pierce Camera showing where I stand.




As you can see, there are going to be a lot of happy children walking around with their very on print. Now, we just need to focus on 35mm film to document the trip with. I know, with your support, it can be done. By clicking here, or the image above, you will be taken to the store front where you can donate a pack of film at a discounted rate.

After announcing this project, I have received a few PM’s and emails asking about the gear I will be taking on the trip. I plan to keep the bag light and only take the essentials.



For Instax shooting, I’ll be using my Mini 90. I gave a short review of this little camera a few months back and I’m looking forward to having it on the trip. I will also be bringing a Mini 7s, just as a back up. Speaking of the Mini 90, Mel Pierce Camera has the Mini 90 on sale right now. You can snag one of these puppies up and save some cash by clicking here.

I will also be bringing along the new Instax Share mobile printer. I got my hands on one of these last month and I think I may have to revise my review after this trip. I think it will be fun to have and share with the staff after long days in the orphanage and villages. FYI, these printers will be hitting the US soon. You can pre order one now through Mel Pierce by clicking here.

For 35mm, I will need to keep things small and compact as well. I will be taking a basic Nikon kit (F3, 35mm and 85mm lenses) and an M6 with a 35mm lens. I think this will be a great travel kit that won’t weigh me down.

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