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Today on the blog, we are featuring the patches and pins available through Asilda Store. While the current line of patches and pins are not directly related to instant film, that could change with your support. Many of the people that follow this blog are not only shooting instant film, but are film shooters as well. And those that don’t shoot film, love adventure and the freedom that comes with packing up your gear and heading out to find that perfect shot.

After I was contacted by Anastasia about her pins and patches, I went to the store to see what she had to offer. While I loved the selection she had in the store, the message on her page is what really got my attention.

“When everything around is digital, all we crave sometimes is that touch. We’re consumed with constant meaningless updates all over us and forget what’s important. The idea behind the store was to create something tangible that you can carry around as a reminder of what it’s all about. The products in the store are meant to become daily bits of inspiration, to be something that will make you stop, slow down, pause, think, reflect, make smarter decisions, and appreciate the time a little more. We need these reminders that can take us out of the ordinary.  I wanted to create something that could pass on the messages in a subtle and attractive form. I wanted to go beyond cute designs and always start with the idea first. Pins and patches are trendy, but my store is not about a trend but rather about timeless moments of life. Today experiences matter more than possession of something. How you spend your days matters. I want to invite you to create more, to travel more, to live fully, and to follow your desires and interests.” – Anastasia

Shortly after making contact with Anastasia, I received a few samples of pins and patches in the mail. First off, the care put in to shipping these was awesome. A hand written note, a stamp on the outside of the mailer, a sticker (we all love stickers), and several individually wrapped lapel pins and patches. The quality was awesome and the care taken to insure the products would arrive undamaged was amazing. Remember, these are patches and pins. I have received film in the mail with less care than this.

Now you may be thinking, this is great, but where is the instant film love? I spoke to Anastasia about that and she is working on a line that represents some of our favorite cameras. But why wait for that to roll out when you can have some awesome patches for your camera bag that represent a lifestyle you currently live? Or how about a lapel pin to wear to your next gig of your favorite TLR? Personally, I love what she is doing here, and the designs are beautiful. Here is a gallery of some of the products that stood out to me. These and so many more are available at Asilda Store. You can also follow Asilda Store online at the following links:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

I also feel the need to mention that the lady behind Asilda Store is an amazing photographer herself. Born in Moscow and based in L.A., Anastasia is an accomplished business woman, photographer and runs a great blog with some nice tutorials. You can find her personal work at the following links:

Website | Instagram | Blog

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