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“Cub & Co.’s Mantra is Shoot to Live / Live to Shoot, and thats really what we’re about. I’m a film shooter first and foremost, and I develop tools for photographers like myself who value quality and craftsmanship. Its the beginning and end of everything we do, its the soul of our brand.  I’m not just another accessories company, I’m a photographer.” – Joel Chavez

I came across Joel on Instagram. He goes by StreetCub on the app. Originally I followed Joel because some of his film photography caught my eye. Then I started to notice images of these beautiful leather camera straps come across my feed. Then one day, the above image graced the IG world. I knew right then our readers needed an introduction to this Joel and his company.

Cub & Co. was founded by graphic designer and videographer Joel Chavez. Joel’s true passion however, is analog photography. This passion is what eventually lead to the start of Cub & Co. You can follow along with Joel and Cub & Co. at the following links.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

I spoke with Joel about his strap, his company, and what else he had available or in the works at this time. 

“Right now I only have the SX-70 strap readily available, however my initial entry into leather crafting was with the intention of making SX-70 accessories. I’m currently in the process of developing a Cub & Co. leather case for the SX-70. Much like the original except with a few embellishments that will set it apart aesthetically as well as functionally.”

“My goal with the entire Cub & Co. brand is to make products that cater to our needs and wants as analog photographers. As we’ve seen recently with Fuji dwindling down their film production, these corporations are essentially disowning a devoted client base and I think its on us to cater to ourselves, for the love of the medium not necessarily for sky rocketing profit margins. The film holsters are an example of the types of products that I’m developing in my attempt to fill the void for analog centric accessories.”










Each strap and holster is made by hand, from scratch, with pristine quality full grain leather. The leather is initially hand treated and waterproofed with bees wax and natural oils, then meticulously buffed and finished to a beautiful sheen. Similarly, each piece is hand-stitched using the strongest of waxed linen threads, and reinforced with beeswax. – Cub & Co. website

Now, here’s where things get cool. Joel has given Snap It See It one of his SX-70 straps to giveaway. Thats right, we will be giving a strap like the one pictured below to one lucky person on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Simple, thats where we made this relationship and we want to attract people to both of our Instagram feeds. We will be announcing the rules for the giveaway on our IG feed, SNAPITSEEIT, Friday, so go follow us if you don’t already. And follow Joel’s STREETCUB feed to. If you are an SX-70 owner, this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss!


We want to thank Joel again for providing one of his straps for a giveaway. You can help us do that by clicking that share button below and spreading the word!






  1. Thank you for this post ! Great discovery ! <3 Cub & Co !


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