Walking Amongst Giants | Francisco Chavira

Any of our long time readers know that we love to feature small or big instant film shoots or projects. Today we have a small series of images taken on the new Impossible Project film, by Francisco Chavira. If you want to share a shoot or series you have recently done please get in touch and we would love to chat about it.

“I love urban exploring and South of Sacramento there is an area called the Delta. Its an agricultural wonderland that eventually leads to the bay area and out to the Pacific Ocean. Its full of abandoned buildings, old buildings, abandoned towns and all kinds of amazing stuff. ¬†All I need is a few hours and I can stumble upon some new amazing place to shoot. I went out with my buddy Richard Spicer and his wife and Youtube Maven Kate Spicer. Shot tons of rad film and cameras and I finally had the chance to photograph under a wind farm, that I had my eye on forever. Have always wanted to shoot under them because they remind me of Don Quijote and him running to battle windmills. Both color film from the latest batch of films, Gold Frame 600 and Color Frame 600. Being the Vlogger Kate is she made a video recap of all the crazyness that is going on a shoot with me. Check it out below! The action starts at 3:20, as it is a 2 day video.” Francisco Chavira



  1. These are great, love those in the orange frames!

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