Wedding Week | Azuree Wiitala

When we were planning Wedding Week, We knew that we had to have a couple of people and one of them was Azuree. Her pack film work constantly blows our minds. The reason being that she is incredibly brave and takes her camera everywhere. In the sense that she shoots getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and reception, everywhere! We leave you with Azuree and her stunning work.
Hello! My name is Azuree Wiitala and I am a Chicago based photographer. At the time, my main focus is wedding photography and portraiture but I take photos of anything that catches me eye with my film cameras almost daily! A lot of my wedding work is shot digitally but I love to bring my Mamiya Universal along to shoot peel apart instant photos. The Mamiya Universal is a little bit of a tank but a wonderful image making machine and an even better conversation piece. Guests at weddings are always so intrigued by real, tangible images they can see and hold moments after they were taken. Polaroid has such a sweet nostalgic value and I absolutely love being able to bring that magic to a special occasion like a wedding. Shooting peel apart film at weddings isn’t for everyone though, it can be a cumbersome process. The MU is a big heavy camera to lug around, the film packs take up precious space in my camera bag and there is a lot of garbage associated with this type of instant film. It’s always easier if I have an assistant or second shooter but on days when I’m shooting solo I’ll bring a camera back pack with me to hold the packs of film and act as my traveling garbage can. I peel the images right away to make sure everything is looking good so the trash adds up quickly and it’s gooey trash so it’s important for me to have somewhere to put it. The camera I use doesn’t have a built in meter so I have to meter for a proper exposure as well. I use a free app called “Light Meter” that I find works pretty well with available light. It’s not an easy process to shoot this kind of film at a fast paced event like a wedding day but by my client’s reactions it is absolutely worth it! The hardest part for me is sending the images to the bride and groom after I’ve scanned them in for them!


  1. Thank you guys for featuring me!!

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