Wedding Week: Reception Coverage

To finish off Wedding Week, we are going to talk about some of our favorite cameras for reception coverage. Chris here and this is where I get a little torn. I love shooting my Mamiya Universal at weddings for it’s control. I love shooting it with FP-3000B for it’s low light capabilities. I love shooting it for a million other reasons. As much I love it though, if asked to pick one instant camera to cover a wedding reception with, hands down I’m taking my Fuji Instax. No trash, no meter needed, just point and shoot. I can become a part of the party with the Mini Instax.

When I first got the Instax, it was a birthday gift for my son. After taking it on a couple of Skate Nights, I knew this little gem would kill at a wedding reception. And kill it does! Not only is the camera a hit with the couple and guest, the images scream PARTY! Every wedding, I take about 4 packs of film and use the camera throughout the night. There are a few songs I ask the DJ to play and thats my time. On the dance floor, in the crowd, you can have every girl Shakin it like a Polaroid picture in no time.

I have had the privilege of shooting several weddings with Ali Harper and she insist that I bring my instax to each one. Below I have Included some images shot during receptions in the Mini 7s. Usually I just give these shots away, but I pocket a few for me each time.

Thanks again for making this such a great week here on the blog!

Francisco Chavira

Shooting receptions can get repetitive, after shooting +30 weddings a year. Instant film is here to inject fun. Instant fun if you will. There is something people respond to, when they can instantly recognize an instant camera on the floor. People come rushing over to have their photos taken. To be remembered by guests and have your bride and groom see you interacting in a positive way is so ideal. If you really wanted to take it to the next level you could tape your business card on the back.

My tool for receptions are PX680 Color Protection, and a Polaroid 600 One. The choice of PX680 gives you a higher ISO to pull out the lights in the background just a bit. My favorite camera for this is the simplest one. Polaroid 600 One has one button that will always fire flash, so its goes like this, target some action, press one button, done. Amazingly simple. The Color Protection formula will let you shoot, hide the photo and check out the results with no problem. The only thing you will have to decide now is hang on to the print or give it away. I hold on to everything so I get a chance to scan it. Then I’ll wrap up all the prints for my bride and groom.

The possibilities for shooting receptions are pretty endless, when it comes to choosing cameras. My choice in a Polaroid 600 One, is so interchangeable. You could use a 680 with flash, SX70 with a Mint flash or magicubes. Spectra with PZ680, or whats stopping you from pulling out a Polaroid Big Shot. This is time for fun and making rad images. We as instant film shooters have the tools to do so.

Thank you so much again for an amazing week and all of your support!




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